How might the concept of play be used as a framework for future technologies?

Project Information

Location: Malmo University K3, 2013
Client: IxDA Student Design Challenge
Project Time: 3 Days
Team Members: Individual
Personal Contribution: Research, Ideation, Concept Development, Physical Prototyping, Video Production



Final Concept 

The final concept presented a new mode of interacting with arguably our most ubiquitous device, the phone. This platform would allow users to create their own tools through experimentation and play. The concept was born through practical experiences in Malmo learning about Arduino and prototyping.

IxDA Student Design Challenge Finalist 2013

The challenge brief was to engage in what we might envision as Playful Technology. The task was to examine what technology means, and how we interact with it, and conceptualise how the concept of play might present an opportunity for future technological innovation.

By being successfully chosen as a finalist I was able to attend the IxDA13 conference in Toronto, where we had 3ish days to take what we had been researching and build this into a concept.

The Pitch